Alejandro Menor

I'm a Full Stack

that loves to work on
impactful projects


An entrepreneur spark

After my first year of degree I realized that theory alone was not enough and that I needed to get real world experience ASAP.

So I started going to entrepreneurship events such as Ideas Factory where I met amazing people and got to put some of my ideas in practice.

One of them was Héroes, an app to fight insecurity in the streets.


Many adventures

Being around people better than me pushed me to learn a lot by myself. Web development became my #1 obsession and I got to apply these new skills in many projects.

For example Vodafone Campus Lab, in which our goal was to help palliate the loneliness of elderly people.
Another project was Kanuki, a content platform where we provided the space and tools for the creators to share their talent with the world.
To end the year, in Routeleo we worked to allow travellers on a budget get to the best places in the world for less money.

I learnt a lot working on all these projects with people from very different backgrounds.


My first job

My prior experience allowed me to get a position in an early-stage startup called Pantala, an unlimited closet as a service. In a world where fast fashion is a thing, we wanted our customers to have great clothes while being friendly to our planet.

We had three months to get a seed round and we needed to build a system from scratch that allowed us to operate.

After that, I remained working as a Full Stack Developer there. It was a very important experience for me as I had to take decisions and work under pressure many times.


Closing the circle

In the middle of my last year of college I got an offer to move to Valencia and join Bounsel, an ambitious project that aims to end every pain in contract management with an all-in-one platform.

I got to expand my technical skills as it is a hard product to build, and had the luck of working with brilliant people.

I also finished my degree, having Héroes as the final project.

What am I doing now?

I've always believed that privacy should be in the core of every product. Software built to steal our attention and that we pay with our data is harmful.

For that, I'm so happy to work at Internxt, where we build privacy-first software in which you can trust and that serves you (and not the other way around).

I'm also investing time learning about complementary disciplines to mine, such as Bussiness and Design.

My Stack

I've always tried to be stack agnostic and spend more time learning about fundamentals and patterns that make great applications.

These are the technologies I have more experience with, but I don't advocate for specific ones and choose the right tool for the job instead.


I've worked a lot with Vue and React as SPA's and server rendered. I also like to develop mobile apps, for what I've used React Native and Flutter.

Strong HTML/CSS/JS knowledge is also important to me, and for medium and large projects I usually setup Typescript.


In the server side of things, robust and clean code is the main thing for me, applying Domain Driven Design & Clean Architecture when it's necessary.

Language-wise I like Typescript a lot but I've also worked with Python and Go. In all of them I've used opinionated and unopinionated frameworks.


I've been in projects of all sorts with different data needs. PostgreSQL has never let me down but I've also used MongoDB for some domains with no relational data.

Redis has also been an important tool in my belt for caching and scaling websockets, for example.


I try not to make things hard at deployment time if it's not necessary, but I do consider important to have a proper CI/CD pipeline for most projects. Github Actions is my favourite for this but I've used CircleCI and Travis too.

In many of the projects I've worked in I had to configure the infraestructure in cloud providers such as AWS or GCP. When maximum flexibility and scalability is required, Kubernetes has been helpful for me.